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5 Top Tips for Choosing the Perfect Bathroom Suite

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Thinking of redesigning your bathroom or having a new one fitted? Ahead of doing so here are 5 top tips that could save you time, money, stress and the cost of getting it wrong and ending up with an avocado site, Moroccan patterned tiles and a plastic curtain intent on sticking to your whilst you try to shower.

  1. Opting for the White Stuff

The best tip of any tip that can be given and this will probably be as true a hundred years from now as it is today (and should have been made clear way back in the 1970’s) is simply this: white is the only colour suite any house should ever feature. You can disagree, but it will cost you in terms of the value of your property and potentially the love of your family should they return home to an avocado bathtub.


  1. Shower vs. Bath

In 2016 there is no longer the argument of shower vs. bath; it is very much a matter of all or nothing. That is, if a bathroom cannot fit a separate shower and tub, an over bathtub shower combo is the only answer; forgoing a bathtub or shower in any modern bathroom is simply unacceptable. Further, it will knock down the value of your home or fail to realise its potential, make life harder when it comes to using your bathroom and potentially waste water.

Then, this is one top tip well worth reiterating: when there is sufficient space within a bathroom always opt to fit a separate shower and bathtub; where there is insufficient space always opt to fit a bathtub with an over tub shower.

Finally, and as advised by property expert and presenter of the popular TV show Location, Location, Location, Phil Spencer speaking via the Telegraph Newspaper, always opt to have a shower screen rather than a shower curtain. Further, having one fitted as part of a bathroom remodel is likely to cost less than having one added in at a later date and will instantly save you from the nightmare of having to make do with a curtain over your bathtub.

  1. Keep it Neutral

You love holidaying in Morocco so you opt to retile the bathroom with patterned Moroccanones to remind you of your dream destination. People are everyday making the same mistake. The fact is, you will bore of it, it could lower the value of your home and the cost of replacing those tiles could mount into the thousands – which could be better spent on simply taking another holiday to Morocco instead.

Then, and suffice to say, whilst there is a plethora of choice out there in terms of tiles, keep it neutral unless you’ve the money and desire to regularly re-do your tiles or bathroom.

Further, neutral doesn’t have to mean boring. In fact, you can design a bathroom with both a white suite and neutral tiles and still make it a really inspirational, modern and relaxing space. To see how visit the Aston Designs website. As well as designing bespoke bathrooms, Aston Designs have also included on their website a gallery of ideas that all achieve exactly that and show just how far from boring, ordinary or everyday a well designed, but neutrally decorated bathroom can be – when done right.

  1. Blending Period and Traditional with Modern and Contemporary

In a traditional home a contemporary bathroom suite is still the best kind to opt for. It will add the most, if any, value to your home, stand the test of time and being one of the most expensive rooms in the home to change, will save those living within it from having to do so due to falling out of fashion. To ensure though that a modern suite is still sympathetic and does not clash with the rest of the house consider incorporating hints of colours featured elsewhere in the home and avoid opting for a suite which is ultra modern; square or angular suites are a big no no, as additions such as fancy taps and glass basins in period styled homes.

For an extra flourish of character whilst still creating a sophisticated and stylish bathroom suite opt for a high level cistern such as you can see and buy via the Victorian Plumbing website when renovating a bathroom in a Victorian or Edwardian built or inspired home, or a ceramic bowl style basin above a wood counter as a quirky feature.

Further, for a truly eccentric, but by no means novelty, kitsch or tacky finish to a period styled bathroom that could also work in a modern home or simply modern times consider opting when tiling the floor for genuine Victorian or period floor tiles, or for a more subdued but equally Victorian touch tile the walls in Metro tiles. Both of which you can find, shop for and buy via the Little Tile Company website.

  1. Contain Colour to Furnishings and Accessories

Colour is a dangerous thing to splash about willy-nilly in a bathroom, at least when deciding n a suite, wall tiles, fixtures and fittings. Unlike furniture, wallpaper and curtains tiles,tubs, sinks and toilets cannot simply be replaced or swapped out when a person grows bored or fashions move on.

For this reason it is advisable to opt for a suite that is, as already advised, white and creating a blank canvas of sorts which you can then personalise with your own choice of coloured towels, perhaps a coloured shower curtain and at the most coloured or patterned vinyl flooring or tiles. If you are using vinyl flooring and are looking to add character, mosaic style vinyl such as that bought inexpensively via the Carpet Right website provides both the best tile like look when buying vinyl and a level of character and interest without compromising the overall style of a family suite.

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