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Home Warranty Insurance- Details You Must Know

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The best home warranty plans work as a perk of numerous home purchases. These plans mainly cover repairs on particular home elements like as air conditioning and heating systems, built-in appliances and plumbing. There are a number of home warranty plans available. These are:

  • Home warranty company policies meant for the existing homes. The companies sell policies to the sellers of existing homes. In the majority of the cases, the real estate agent or the home seller pays for these policies that mainly cost several hundred dollars as part of the sale of home. Generally, these policies cover one year of repairs on different appliances in the home along with the air conditioning, plumbing and furnace.
  • Home-builder warranties on the newly built homes. The cost of this warranty is added in the home price. Generally, this warranty covers on year of coverage on the items like as drywall, paint and stucco, up to 10 years of structural defects and two years of coverage on plumbing, electrical systems and HVAC. The appliances are mainly covered for six months.


The home warranty policies are also directly available to both the homebuyers and homeowners, who can purchase these in some circumstances like as after purchasing a foreclosure. These plans only promise to keep the home elements functioning, but these don’t offer the homeowners new appliances. The home warranty provider also offers the homeowner a contractor, who will save the energy and time to track down the trade person for the needs.

So, buying a home warranty insurance is considered as a smart move for every homeowner as this offers an affordable method of protecting the homeowners against all the surprise home repairs along with the expenses, which come with these. By choosing this policy, the homeowners can be assured that their homes are properly taken care of. But to ensure getting the best deal, it is necessary to compare home warranty plans properly before choosing one.

Here are some guidelines to follow while you compare the home warranty plans:

  • Always search for the warranty plan, which doesn’t have any age restrictions on the covered systems or appliances
  • It is necessary to understand that home warranty plans don’t cover everything. For instance, it doesn’t cover small appliances like mixers and toaster ovens. Besides, the structural modifications in your home are also not covered. So, before you sign the fine print, make sure that you properly read and understand the contract.

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